What should I expect?

You will stand inside a tanning tent for your spray tan. This will prevent any over-spray from getting on your belongings. I will set up the tent in well-lit and well-ventilated room. It is approximately the size of a shower stall. I will apply the spray tan solution using a light mist. Once the application is complete you will wait a few moments for the solution to finish drying before dressing.

what do i wear?

This is the decision of the client. You may undress to your comfort level. Any clothing you choose to wear during the session (undergarments/bathing suit) can simply be laundered once in a normal cycle to remove the solution. Wear loose, dark clothing and flip-flops afterwards.

How long will it take?

The whole process takes about 30 minutes; from setup to tear down. 10-15 minutes per client of actual tanning time.

Will i turn orange?

No, of course not! Our solutions are designed to provide natural and conservative results.

how long does the tan last?

With the proper skincare before and after your application, your results will typically last 7-10 days. Your skin should stay moisturized and products with harsh chemicals, exfoliants and heavy oils should be avoided.

Are there different shades to choose from?

The solution reacts with each person’s skin chemistry, which determines color depth, tone and longevity. Most people will develop a natural, even color from the solution as long as the before and after care is followed. Some develop a golden color, others will develop a more brown tan. This color difference is mostly due to the uniqueness of each person’s skin chemistry. Other causes that can play a role in color tone are perfumes, lotions, and cleaning agents used prior to the session.

Can I spray tan if i am pregnant or nursing?

Yes! Our solutions are all natural, organic, gluten-free, paraben-free, and eco-certified. It is safe for all ages and pregnant or nursing moms.

When should i book my spray tan?

If you are spray tanning for a special event then I reccomend tanning two days before said event.